BABY GIRL NAMES - List of baby girl names that start with letters A to Z, their associated meanings and origins.

Finding a beautiful name for newborn girl could be very exciting and fun to do. Here, on our site fbnames; you may find what best and suit your tastes and preferences for naming your baby.

Baby girl names: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z.

Girls Names

Baby Girls that start with letter A: Aa, Aa-2, Ab, Ac, Ad, Ad-2, Af, Ah, Ai, Ak, Al, Al-2, Al-3, Al-4, Al-5, Am, Am-2, Am-3, Am-4, An, An-2, An-3, An-4, An-5, An-6, Ar, Ar-2, Ar-3, Ar-4, As, As-2, Au, Av, Aw and Ay.

Baby Girl's names started alphabet B: Ba, Ba-1, Ba-2, Ba-3, Be, Be-2, Be-3, Bh, Bi, Bo, Br, Br-2 and Br-3.

Baby Girl names starting with C: Ca, Ca-2, Ca-3, Ca-4, Ca-5, Ca-6, Ce, Ch, Ch-2, Ch-3, Ch-4, Ch-5, Ch-6, Ci, Cl, Co, Co-2 and Cy.

Baby Girls start with D: Da, Da-2, Da-3, Da-4, Da-5, De, De-2, De-3, De-4, Dh, Di, Di-2, Do, Do-2 and Du.

Baby Girls start with E: Ea, Ed, El, El-2, Él-3, Em, Er, Es, Eu and Ev.

Baby Girls start with letter F: Fa, Fa-2, Fa-3, Fa-4, Fe, Fi, Fl and Fr.

Baby Girls start with G: Ga, Ga-2, Ga-3, Ge-4, Ge-5, Gi, Gi-2, Gl, Gr and Gu.

Baby Girls start with H: Ha, Ha-2, Ha-3, Ha-4, Ha-5, Ha-6, He, He-2, Hi, Ho and page two which is here Ho-2.

Baby Girls start with I: Ia, Id, Il, In, In-2, Ir and Is.

Baby Girls start with J: Ja, Ja-2, Ja-3, Ja-4, Ja-5, Je, Je-2, Jh, Jo, Jo-2, J0-3 and Ju.

Baby Girls start with K: Ka, Ka-2, Ka-3, Ka-4, Ka-5, Ka-6, Ka-7, Ka-8, Ka-9, Ke, Ke-2, Ke-3, Ke-4, Kh, Kh-2, Ki, Ki-2, Ki-3, Ko, Kr, Ku and Ky.

Baby Girls start with letter L: La, La-2, La-3, La-4, La-5, Le, Le-2, Le-3, Li, Li-2, Li-3, Lo, Lo-2, Lu and Lu-2.

Baby Girls start with M: Ma, Ma-2, Ma-3, Ma-4, Ma-5, Ma-6, Ma-7, Ma-8, Ma-9, Ma-10, Ma-11, Ma-12, Ma-13, Ma-14, Ma-15, Ma-16, Ma-17, Me-1, Me-2, Me-3, Me-4, Mi, Mi-2, Mi-3, Mi-4, Mo, Mo-2, Mo-3, Mu and Mu-2.

Baby Girls that start with N - frefix: Na, Na-2, Na-3, Na-4, Na-5, Na-6, Na-7, Ne, Ne-2, Ni, Ni-2, Ni-3, No, No-2 and Nu.

Names that start with O: Oa, Oh, Ol, Oo and Or.

Baby Girls start with P: Pa, Pa-2, Pa-3, Pa-5, Pa-5, Pe, Pe-2, Pi, Po, Pr, Pr-2 and page three which is Pr-3.

Baby Girls start with Q and R: Qa, Qu, Qu-2, Ra, Ra-2, Ra-3, Ra-4, Ra-5, Ra-6, Re, Re-2, Rh, Ri, Ro, Ro-2, Ro-3, Ro-4, Ro-5 and Ru.

Baby Girls start with letter S: Sa, Sa-2, Sa-3, Sa-4, Sa-5, Sa-6, Sa-7, Sa-8, Sa-9, Sa-10, Sa-11, Se, Se-2, Sh, Sh-2, Sh-3, Sh-4, Sh-5, Sh-6, Sh-7, Sh-8, Sh-9, Sh-10, Si, Si-2, Sl, So, So-2, St, Su, Su-2, Su-3, Su-4, Su-5 and Sy.

Baby Girls start with alphabet T: Ta, Ta-2, Ta-3, Ta-4, Ta-5, Ta-6, Ta-7, Te, Te-2, Th, Th-2, Ti, Ti-2, To, To-2, Tr, Tr-2 and Tu.

What about baby girl names that start with U: Ub, Um, Ur and Ut.

Baby Girls start with letter V: Va, Va-2, Va-3, Va-4, Va-5, Ve, Ve-2, Vi, Vi-2 and Vi-page 3.

Baby Girls start with alphabet W: Wa, Wa-2 and Wi.

Baby Girls start with X: Xa and Xo.

Baby Girls start with Y: Ya, Ya-2, Yd, Yo and Yu.

Finally, baby Girl Names starting Z: Za, Za-2, Za-3, Ze, Zh, Zo and Zo-2.