FBNAMES.Com – Here are the list of baby names that mean "power / powerful" or related meanings.

These names with their meanings are Arabian, French, African, Indian, English, Egypt, Greek, German, Thai and Native American names.

If you love the names which meaning (powerful) for your baby, here are the complete ones to choose for your greatest creation:

1. AIMAN: in Arabic, it means “what magic power”.
2. AKWA: in Arabian, it means “mighty, powerful”.
3. AL-QADIR: in Arabic, it means “the powerful”.
4. AMANDLA: in African, it means “power”.
5. AMAURI, AMAURY: in French, it means “work-power”.
7. AMKRUN: in Arabian, it means “people in power”.
8. ANGAD: in Indian, it means “powerful”.
9. ANIMA: in Indian, it means “the power of becoming minute”.
10. ARNAUD: in French, it means “eagle power”.

List of names that mean "POWER / POWERFUL"

11. ARNAUDE: in French, it means “eagle power”.
12. BAKHIT: in Arabian, it means “what magic power”.
13. CHARISMA: in Greek, it means “personal power, attraction”.
14. CHETNA: in Indian, it means “power of intellect; alert”.
15. DEVI: in Hindu, it means “goddess of power”.
16. DHABIT: in Arabian, it means “the powerful memory”.
17. DICK: in German, it means “powerful, rich ruler”.
18. DIMA: in Slavic, it means “powerful warrior”.
19. EMAURRI: in French, it means “work-power”.
20. ERYK: in Polish, it means “ever powerful”.
21. EYAD: in Persian, it means “possesses power”.
22. GELLERT: in Hungarian, it means “powerful soldier”.
23. GIANCARLO: in Italian, it means “gracious and powerful”.
24. IKTISHAM: in Arabian, it means “power”.
25. INDALI: in Indian, it means “powerful”.
26. IQTIDAR: in Arabian, it means “strength, power”.
27. IZZ-AL-DIN, IZZ-UD-DIN: in Arabic, mean “power (or glory) of religion”.
29. KABIRA: in African, it means “powerful”.
30. KADER: in Arabic, this means “powerful”.

List of names meaning "Powerful or Power "

31. KANA: in Japanese, it means “powerful”.
32. KATIMA: in American, it means “powerful daughter”.
33. KELLAN, KELLEN, KELLYN: in Irish, meaning “powerful”.
36. LI: in Chinese, it means “ming pretty and bright, powerful”.
37. LOVE: in Scandinavian, it means “famous and powerful”.
38. MAHALA: in Persian, it means “powerful”.
39. MAHALIA: in American, it means “powerful”.
40. MANAS: in Indian, it means “powers”.
41. MATHILDA, MATILDA: in German, meaning “might, power”.
43. MAYNARD: in English, it means “powerful, brave”.
44. MEDWIN: in German, it means “powerful friend”.
45. MIAKODA: in Native American, it means “power of the moon”.
46. NERICE: in American, it means “powerful woman”.
47. ORENDA: in Native American Iroquois, it means “magic power”.
48. OSSIE, OZZIE, OZZY: in English, could mean “God’s divine power”.

List of names that mean "Power or Powerful"

51. PORUSH: in Indian, it means “man power”.
52. RAGHNALL: in Irish, it means “wise and powerful”.
53. RHONA: in Irish, it means “powerful, mighty”.
54. RHONDA: in Greek, it means “powerful river”.
55. RICH: in English, it means “powerful, rich ruler”.
56. RICHAUD: in French, it means “powerful ruler”.
57. RICHE: in French, it means “power”.
58. RICK: in English, it means “powerful, rich”.
59. RODRIGUE: in French, it means “famous power”.
60. SADAM: in Arabic, it means “bruise; or; powerful ruler”.
61. SHALMALI: in Indian, it means “lord Vishnu’s power”.
62. SYAUKAT: in Arabic, it means “power”.
63. TIGER: in American, it means “powerful cat, tiger”.
64. TILLIE: in German, it means “might, power”.
65. TURYA: in Indian, it means “spiritual power”.
66. ULL: in German, it means “wolf power”.
67. VAIBHAV: in Indian, it means “glorious; powerful; prosperity”.
68. VAL: in French, it means “power”.
69. VALENTINE, VALERIE: in Biblical, meaning “powerful”.
71. VALÉRY: in French, it means “foreign power.”.
72. VIROTE: in Thai, it means “power”.
73. WAKANDA: in Native American Sioux, it means “possesses magical power”.
74. WALDO: in English, it means “God’s power”.
75. ZAKUR: in Arabic, this means “the powerful memory”.
76. ZALIKA: in Egyptian, it means “born into power”.
77. ZEUS: in Greek, it means “powerful one”.
78. ZIHNI: in Arabian, it means “the power of my mind”.

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