LIST of 324 names that mean beautiful that start with letters: A, B and C. Choosing a name meaning beauty for your baby girl is actually a very fun thing to do. But at times can be a daunting task. You and your partner might argue a few times on what a beautiful name you each want.

All parents who have babies will definitely want to pick a baby name which means beautiful and good, because the name will be with the baby all her life. One of the most important things you can do to make it work you both will have to listen to each other and hear each other out.

When you think of beauty, your mind may be stuck with the most beautiful girls in the world like Alessandra Ambrosio, Aria Giovanni, Barbi Twins, Bianca Beauchamp, Brianna Love or Britney Spears. What about Charleze Theron, Cindy Crawford, Dany Delany, Jane Fonda or Jennifer Lopez which might be stunning for them.

Others think that Kathleen Robertson, Kathy West, Katy Parry, Kim Kardashian, Linda Cardellini or Mariah Carey are breathtaking women. And for some would love to have a baby girl who one day look like Mena Suvari, Milla Jovovich, Raquel Welch, Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson which are seriously beautiful and attractive.

On the table bellow, we have collected hundreds of names that mean beautiful (Indian, Arabian, Japanese, Latin, French, Greek, African, Irish, American, Chinese, Spanish, Biblical, English, Italian and Native American names). The aim is to give more options when finding the perfect name for your new born baby girl.

AASHIYANA Indian beautiful home, small dwelling, nest
ABHA Hindu beautiful and shimmering
ADAH Biblical beautiful addition
ADAMMA African beautiful girl
ADIN Biblical beautiful, adorned
ADINA Biblical beautiful, adorned
ADONIS Greek beautiful
AFNAN Arabian beauty / series
AGLAË French beauty, splendor
AIMI Japanese love beauty
AJMAL Arabian beautiful, elegant
AKEMI Japanese bright beauty
ALAK Indian world; beautiful tresses
ALINA Polish/Slavic beautiful, bright, noble
ALPANA Indian beautiful
AMISHA Indian beautiful
ANAQI Arabian beauty is an enchanting
ANGHA Indian beauty
ANI Slavic very beautiful
ANNABEL French grace and beauty
ANNABELLA Latin grace and beauty
ANNABELLE French grace and beauty
ANTARA Indian meaning beauty
ANUPAMA Indian beautiful
APHRODITE Greek afrodite goddess of love & beauty
APSARA Indian angel; beautiful dancers of lord indra
AQMAR Arabian white, beautiful
ARABELA Italian beautiful altar
ARABELLA Italian beautiful altar
ASAMI Japanese morning beauty
ASTRID Scandinavian unusual beauty and strength
AYANNA African which mean beautiful flower
BADIUZZAMAN Arabian the beauty during
BADRIYAH Arabian early; firstborn; beautiful
BAHIJ Arabian the beautiful captivating
BAHIJA Arabian beautiful; radiant
BAHIJAH Arabian (1) fun (2) beauty
BAHIRAH Arabian beautiful
BAHIYAA Indian beautiful; radiant
BAHIYAH Arabian brilliant – beautiful
BAHIYYA Arabian beautiful; radiant
BAHJAH Arabian (1) fun (2) beauty
BARI’AH Arabian meaning beautiful
BAYLE American beautiful
BEAU French beauregard, beautiful, handsome
BEAUMONT French beautiful mountain.
BEAUREGARD French beautiful aspect
BELINDA Spanish beautiful
BELITA Spanish beautiful
BELL French beautiful
BELLA Latin beautiful
BELLADONNA Italian beauty
BELLE French beautiful
BELVA Latin beautiful view
BEVIN Celtic women with beautiful voice
BONITA Spanish pretty, beautiful
BONNIBEL Latin good and beautiful
BUTHAYNA Indian of beautiful and tender body
CAITLIN Irish virginal beauty
CAITLYN Irish pure beauty
CALISTA Greek beautiful
CALIXTE Greek very beautiful
CALLA Greek beauty
CALLIA Greek beautiful
CALLIE Greek beautiful
CALLIOPE Greek one with beautiful voice
CALLISTA German most beautiful
CAMPBELL French beautiful field
CAOIMHE Celtic fineness, beauty
CARLYNDA American strong and beautiful
CARMINDA Spanish beautiful song
CAROLINA Latin beautiful woman
CAROLINE Latin beautiful woman
CEMAL Arabian beauty
CHARISSE French grace, beauty, kindness
CHARU Indian beautiful
CHARUSHEELA Indian beautiful jewel
CHARUSMITA Indian one with a beautiful smile
CHARVI Indian a beautiful lady
COLISTA Greek most beautiful
CÔME French order, beauty
COSME French order, beauty

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Remember, when choosing a beautiful name for your child should be a fun process, so make sure you enjoy it!